AMVC awards student employees scholarships

AMVC awards scholarships to employees

posted on Thursday, June 4, 2020 in Central Region News

AMVC is pleased to announce 12 student employees who recently graduated from high school are the recipients of a scholarship to continue their education. The award winners hail from five high schools across three states. $6,400 in scholarships were awarded this year.

AMVC partners with farm shareholders to offer scholarships to graduating student employees should they decide to attend college or enter the armed forces after graduation.

There is no scholarship application for this award. Our graduating high school student employees receive a scholarship simply for being an AMVC employee throughout their high school career. To qualify for the scholarship, students must have worked for at least six months at an AMVC managed farm or entity and be currently employed with AMVC at the time of graduation.

The amount of the scholarship varies as it is determined by the length of employment with AMVC during high school. Students are eligible for $250 worth of scholarship funds for every full year they have worked at AMVC, with the maximum award amount of $1,000. This year, three students achieved $1,000 scholarships. The AMVC scholarship is designed to promote the continuing education of our student employees in their field of choice. This money can be used towards tuition, books, living expenses or whatever the student deems necessary to further their educational experience.

“We are proud to employ high school students and give them the opportunity to earn a fair wage and gain experience in a career in agriculture and learn job skills to help them succeed in the future,” commented AMVC public relations coordinator, Alicia Humphrey.

AMVC values their student employees and is proud to support their future career plans. 


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