AMVC announces employee award winners

AMVC Management employee award winners

posted on Thursday, September 24, 2020 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services, the tenth largest pork producer in the United States, recently recognized employees and farms and celebrated the company’s people, passion and purpose during the second annual AMVC Awards Celebration held in Des Moines, Iowa. AMVC managers and employees attended the dinner and an evening of celebration.

The night’s program began with a reception for guests to enjoy hors oeuvres and social hour. Dr. Steve Schmitz, managing partner of AMVC Management Services, gave opening remarks and shared a brief history of the company and how the business has grown into what it is to today. He praised the group of managers, saying the success can be attributed to the talented employees.

The night was dedicated to recognizing individuals who have had an impact on AMVC. During the AMVC 2nd Annual Awards Ceremony five different awards were presented. The awards included: Rookie of the Year, Swine Specialist of the Year, Rising Star, Manager of the Year and Legacy Award. Dr. Joel Sparks, Nick Weihs, Dan Weber and Mike Mullady spoke about the award winners before presenting the awards.

The award winners were determined through a nomination process in which third party judges from the National Pork Board reviewed and scored the nomination forms. Each award had a different nomination form and scoring rubric.

Rookie of the Year: For a person who has been with the company for 6 months to 1 year and has had a positive impact on their farm.
Winner: Mikaela Williams, AMVC Crawfordsville, Crawfordsville, IN

Outstanding Swine Specialist of the Year: This individual has been employed with AMVC for over one year and is a swine specialist. This person has mastered the daily tasks, taken on additional responsibilities and mentors new employees.
Winner: Doug Barten, Handlos South, Harlan, IA

AMVC Rising Star: This award is for an individual who is an assistant manager or department lead who has embodied and demonstrated AMVC’s core values. This person leads by example and is a valuable team member who works well with everyone.
Winner: Amanda Buck, Green Flash II, Hamlin, IA

Manager of the Year: This award will be given to a manager who has demonstrated excellence in sow production and has shown their passion to continuously strive to be better. This person is a great on-farm leader who motivates their crew and runs a successful farm. This is not a legacy award. It is based on the past year’s performance.
Winner: Kayla Stevens, Hornbeam Sow, Sabina, OH

Legacy Award: This person has dedicated at least 10 years to the organization. This individual has adapted to change, embraced innovation, makes the community a better place, shows outstanding leadership, is an ambassador for AMVC and has played a vital role throughout their AMVC career.
Winner: Tony Vance, Green Flash II, Hamlin, IA

Each award winner received a jacket, plaque and cash award.



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