Audubon Clinic purchases new machine

posted on Thursday, December 1, 2016 in News

We are very excited to serve clients with this new dental cleaning machine. With top of the line equipment, we can provide top of the line care for patients and affordable care to our clients.  Dental cleanings with this machine takes half as much time to complete, so our patients are under general anesthesia for only a minimal amount of time.


Why is it important to have your pet’s teeth cleaned?
Fresher breath

Teeth that are painful lead to eating/weight loss

Bad teeth causes health issues, especially affecting the heart, kidneys and lungs

Bacteria under the gums can make its way into their blood stream

Pets live longer and healthier lives

More about the new dental machine:

Our new machine is the iM3 GS Deluxe LED, which sets the standard for veterinary dental machines. It is a complete dental system with advanced features: low speed polisher, 3 way spray nozzle (water, air, and mist), a high speed drill with an LED light, and an oil free compressor. The low speed polisher is one of the most important parts of the dental, as it smooths out the small cracks in the enamel after cleaning the plaque and tartar off.  The polishing helps decreases the chances of bacteria to build up back on the tooth which leads to tarter/plaque. Bacteria have a harder time attaching to a smooth surface versus a rough surface. The 3 way nozzle helps wash about debris and provides an easy application of chlorhexidine (anti-plague antiseptic) into the mouth. The high speed drill is extremely beneficial if you hare extracting a multi root tooth or a fractured/infected tooth.


The scaler is called a 42-12 ultrasonic scaler. This scaler uses a more gentle technique with a revolutionary rotational tip, whereas most scalers have a "jack hammer" approach. The gentle technique allows for less enamel damage to your pet’s teeth.