AMVC Welcomes Summer Interns

posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 in News

AMVC Management Services recently welcomed students as summer interns to Iowa, Indiana and North Dakota. The students will gain first-hand experience on farms to complement their undergraduate course work in the animal science field.

“It is a totally new experience for me and I'm learning new things every day. The swine industry is an incredibly unique and complex, and working with the animals is really the only way to fully understand what it really takes to produce quality pork," said Emily Campbell who is interning at Turtle Mountain Pork in North Dakota.

During their internship they will be involved in different phases of raising pigs, interacting with AMVC staff and veterinarians and participating in industry and community events.

“Everyone at the farm is very willing to help me further my education. I have discovered a great love for pigs and cannot wait to see how this experience will continue to positively affect my future," said Anna Peterson who is interning near Langdon, North Dakota.

“We are excited to host such a talented group who are so passionate about learning. Throughout the summer it will be fun to watch their skills progress and confidence grow,” said Ann Wood-Randeris, intern coordinator.