Thomas presents about VFD at Iowa Pork Congress

posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 in AMVC Veterinarians in the News

It is now time to comply with the new Food and Drug Administration antibiotic rules. At the Iowa Pork Congress, Chris Rademacher, DVM and Iowa State University Swine Extension Veterinarian; Jeff Verzal, Iowa Department of Agriculture compliance investigator and Paul Thomas, DVM at AMVC Management Services, answered the tough questions about VFD compliance.

Thomas explains that each farm is unique. There are some farms that communicate with a veterinarian on a regular basis and the veterinarian has a steady stream of diagnostics available at his or her fingertips.  If a complete snapshot is available then a visit every month may not be necessary. So as a veterinarian, “It really comes down to feeling comfortable in understanding what the health of those animals are and what the practices are on that farm” before writing a VFD for a particular site, states Thomas.

?Story credit to: National Hog Farmer. For the full article, read it here.