Dr. Thomas answers questions about VFD

posted on Monday, February 13, 2017 in AMVC Veterinarians in the News

For now, FDA is exercising an educational probation for compliance. However, no time frame has been set when that probation is over and strict enforcement of the rule begins. Regardless if the FDA inspector is stepping on your farm for education or inspection purposes, the VFD rule is in effect, and every livestock farm is subject to the regulation. If an inspector shows up and you as a producer have absolutely nothing documented, then the nice gloves may come off fast. “Knowing regulations and compliance, you should be on board. Don’t put yourself in a situation to be an example for everyone to follow,” says Rademacher.

Once FDA is on the farm, everything is fair game. At first the on-farm inspection is only educational according to the FDA. However, Paul Thomas, DVM at AMVC Management Services, says at some point we are expected to be in full compliance and subject to FDA inspection. With the expansion of drugs requiring a VFD, the FDA will be conducting more on-farm audits. “We need to step up our game in other areas as well, not just with feed medications,” stresses Thomas.

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