Dr. Joshua Barker speaks at an Emerging Disease and Foreign Animal Disease Workshop for the State of Colorado

posted on Monday, June 16, 2014 in AMVC Veterinarians in the News

Dr. Joshua Barker recently presented on AMVC’s experience with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) for the Colorado State University/Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Emerging and Foreign Animal Disease Course and Training Session.  The training session was held in Fort Morgan, CO and Grand Junction, CO.  The target audience was the CO Rapid Response for Agriculture and Livestock (CORRAL) group comprised of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and extension personnel.  The training sessions were designed to give practitioners an idea of their roles in emerging foreign animal diseases, with PEDv serving as an important learning opportunity.  Dr. Barker's presentation, entitled "PEDv Overview and Implications," gave the course participants an overview of the devastating disease, the practical implications for a swine farm and biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection protocols used to control the spread of the virus.

Dr. Barker works as a swine veterinarian for AMVC Management Services and oversees managed swine farms in Wyoming and Colorado.  AMVC Management Services is a veterinarian based swine health and production management company located in Audubon, IA and manages swine farms in eight states.