AMVC interns and staff help beautify Audubon

posted on Friday, October 16, 2015 in News

Last week, the AMVC interns and staff spent time picking up trash along the highways leading into town and various community parks. One of the major projects they helped with was planting trees in the Dinosaur Park in west Audubon.

According to Kristin Foran of AMVC who also serves on Audubon's Park and Rec Board, the trees were donated to teh Audubon Parks and Rec Board to be planted in the city.

"Several of the trees were catalpa trees," Foran said. "The City of Audubon has a large number of catalpa trees, which is unique. It is my understanding that the first settlers to the town bought catalpas with them and planted them. Most of them are in Legion Park, but there are quite a few more in our resident's yards. Pamela Whetzal donated the catalpas to the Park and Rec after a few residents told her they were worried that the catalapa's would die out. Pamela harvested a few seeds and started the trees in pots on her back porch. Ten ended up growing."

 The AMVC crew planted those 10 trees, along with 50 other trees, which were donated to the City of Audubon from the DNR Trees for Kids program.


Foran said, "The Parks and Rec Board recieved 200 trees from the DNR. Our hopes are that we can continue to plant new trees in our City's parks for our youth to enjoy for many years. Our town has a wonderfully diverse population of trees and we would like to make sure that we continue to have that in the future."