AMVC Hosts Visitors

posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 in News

     AMVC was host to more foreign visitors through the Swine Medicine Education Center. Fourteen Chinese pork production ‘CEO types’ spent a half of a day in Audubon as part of a Summer Swine Short Course which was sponsored by the US Grains Council. The US Grains Council sponsors such activities to disseminate knowledge to producers and to build connections to facilitate future international business opportunities in both grain and pork trade.
     During their visit to the United States, the group spent attended the World Pork Expo and then invested time in the classroom focusing on multiple facets for the swine industry. The focus of the classroom based course included: manure storage and utilization processes, pork production business models, and some business management strategies. On Thursday, June 13th, AMVC’s Dr. Josh Ellingson D.V.M. gave them an AMVC business overview, virtual tours of production sites, and an overview of AMVC’s manure management strategies. Visitors included: upper management of large growing pork producers, feed distributors, and professors from Chinese Universities.
     We look forward to hosting similar groups in the future. Please check out our website at or like us on facebook for information on all of our activities and events.