posted on Monday, August 3, 2015 in News

Taylor Pullen, AMVC human resources/public relations specialist and Mike Davis, manager at AMVC Crawfordsville, critiqued five North Montgomery High School FFA students from Crawfordsville, Indiana on their Agricultural Issues presentation over concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s). The student team will be presenting at the Indiana FFA Convention held at Purdue University on June 15-18.

 Konnor Hayworth, a part-time employee of AMVC Crawfordsville sow unit was a member of the competing team. Konnor has worked for AMVC for a little over nine months during the school year and will continue working throughout his summer break.

Hayworth has gained hands-on experience at the farm and is passionate about agriculture and wants to educate others.

“I decided to do Ag Issues because I have heard of the different ideas behind CAFO’s and I just wanted to show the truth about confinement operations,” Hayworth said. “I joined FFA because it relates to what I want to do and it’s an organization that I am proud to be a part of.”

AMVC is proud to support student employees in their school activities.

“We were happy to help out Konnor and his classmates in preparing for the State FFA Convention. Konnor is a very bright student, as are the others, and its great seeing the younger generation wanting to stay involved,” said Davis.

AMVC wishes each student the best of luck at the State FFA Convention!