Three AMVC Team Members Celebrate Ten Years

AMVC Employees 10 Years

posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 in AMVC Employee Blog

Three AMVC Team Members Celebrate Ten Years

AMVC is proud to employ talented and dedicated employees committed to the swine industry. Each quarter we recognize team members who have reached career milestones and ask them to share insights about their roles and time with AMVC.

Get to know Eric, Teri, and Clint as they share highlights from their ten years with AMVC!

Eric Neville 10 Years

Eric Neville (left)
Swine specialist from South Dakota

“I came to work at AMVC because it is a good job close to home. I do a little bit of everything, from fixing things around the farm to making sure the pigs are well cared for. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people [through working at the farm], and it has been a good ten years with AMVC.”

Teri McGuire 10 Years

Teri McGuire (right)
Farrowing assistant manager from Iowa

“I have always thrived in farrowing and enjoy working with piglets. As the farrowing assistant manager, I mostly work in the farrowing rooms [taking care of sows giving birth and newborn piglets] and help train new team members. The best part of my day is first checking on the pigs and seeing the newborn piglets. It takes a special kind of person to [work with pigs]. For me, it is very fulfilling. I love it!”

Clint Levis 10 Years

Clint Levis
Swine specialist from Iowa

“The best part of my day is working with my team. We’re kind of like a football team; we all come together and work towards the same goal of getting the day’s tasks done.”

Join us in congratulating Eric, Teri, and Clint on their 10-year anniversary with AMVC! If you are interested in learning more about joining our team at AMVC, please call 712-563-2080 or click here to see our open positions.


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