Meet Terry Wilson: AMVC Truck Wash Manager

Terry Wilson, AMVC truck wash

posted on Monday, July 6, 2020 in AMVC Employee Blog

Outside of truck wash Raising pigs is commonly thought of as just doing everyday chores. While that is an important part, the pork industry supports about 550,000 jobs. One job opportunity is driving and washing semi-trucks. Why do we wash semi-trucks? In order to prevent the spread of diseases, the truck and trailer must be thoroughly cleaned, washed, disinfected, and dried. Terry Wilson, an AMVC employee of five years, talks about his everyday life as the truck wash manager and describes how he became a part of this vital team.

Why did you start working for AMVC?

Terry Wilson: I was originally retired, however, I quickly found out that retired life was too boring for me. While I had a horse at the AMVC Veterinary Clinic, I asked Dr. Jodie Pettit D.M.V. if they had anything going on. She then asked me if I wanted to start hauling livestock for AMVC for a few hours a day. Since the trucking gig didn’t take up much of my time, I was told that they needed some help at the truck wash. After earning my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and Transport Quality Assurance certification (TQA), I started my career by washing, moving trucks, and hauling livestock. The opportunity came up to become a manager and I have been here ever since.

Washing inside of trailer

What do you love about your job?

Terry Wilson: I am a people person and enjoy getting to interact with a variety of people while being professional and getting the job done. I like to work closely with the farms to make sure that all jobs are completed on time. On the flipside, the day to day scheduling of the trucks with the producers can be very challenging. Managing the trucks to deliver on time to our customers can be hard but rewarding.

Washing truck What advice do you have for new employees?

 Terry Wilson: AMVC is a great opportunity for a young person looking to start a career. The Leadership Development Program offers a gateway for a person to advance within  AMVC. There are a lot of opportunities for a person to start at the bottom and move to management. AMVC is very motivated and everyone here is focused on teamwork and meeting our goals.

Terry Wilson AMVC driver

The role of transporters is essential to pig farming. Terry Wilson and his five team members are not only committed to keep pigs healthy and safe, but also to Doing the Right Thing Every Day.


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