2019 Integrity Awards for Two Employees

posted on Monday, March 4, 2019 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services embodies five core values: integrity, passion, commitment, fairness and professionalism. To encourage employees to live out the value of integrity, employees were asked to nominate a co-worker that was a prime example of this.

As a result, two individuals were selected for exemplifying integrity in the workplace and acknowledged in front of their team with a certificate presentation. The award winners are Terri Barber from Green Flash II in Hamlin, IA, and Tim Blumberg from Cornerstone Sow in Scranton, IA.

Terri Barber has many years of experience working for AMVC. She is a sow monitor and always puts her animals before herself and works until the job is complete.

AMVC integrity employee award

She was praised by her manager who said, “Terri will be the last one up to break, lunch, or shower out at the end of the day if her sows need her. There’s been multiple times she’s called the barn on her day off to double check on sows she had been working with. If she has any questions or concerns she is very good to come find someone to help her get the issue addressed and doesn’t leave it for the next person to take care of.”

Tim Blumberg has worked at Cornerstone Sow for the past five years.
amvc team integrity award

His nomination came from his manager, Garrett Smith, who spoke of Tim’s work ethic that did not go unnoticed, saying, “Tim came in on his weekend off right before our big breed week to fix lights in the farrowing rooms because it was starting to get dark in a lot of rooms. He did this without being told and without complaining. He has made our farm’s farrowing rooms look and feel a lot nicer.

This is the first time these awards were distributed and in the future similar core value awards will be presented.


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