AMVC Cares completes project near Viola Center

posted on Monday, June 1, 2015 in News

Swine farm converted into farmable acres

AMVC Cares recently sold 10.24 acres of farmland near Viola Center, which previously was a farrow-to-finish farm in northeast Audubon County.

This project started in December of 2010 when AMVC Cares, a non-profit organization, purchased a non-functioning swine farm from its previous owners, Larkspur Inc. The property included a house, a hog building and a lagoon. The AMVC Cares board’s vision was to return the site into useable farmland, as the hog building was no longer in working condition.

The site was cleaned up in stages beginning in the spring of 2011. The swine structure with its already partially collapsed roof was taken down first. AMVC Cares then worked closely with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and closed the lagoon during the fall of 2012.  The following year, the house was removed off-site and the excavation of concrete began. The concrete from the project was ground up and sold to other entities.

AMVC Cares received support from Puck Custom Enterprises who helped clean up the lagoon, Jason Roberts who aided in the building demolition and AMVC Management Services who contributed oversight and labor.  The AMVC maintenance crew was very instrumental throughout the entire project.

The site has been restored into useable farm ground, as AMVC Cares recently sold the farmland to the adjacent landowner, Robert Yager. 

AMVC Cares is set up exclusively for the charitable purpose of community improvement. This is accomplished by the acquisition and improvement of properties to enhance their aesthetic appeal for the enjoyment of community members and visitors. AMVC Cares welcomes suggestions for future projects.