Clinic History

AMVC Swine Health Services

Dr. Max Rodibaugh graduated from Purdue University veterinary school in 1977 and joined Dr John Coltrain, Thorntown, Indiana in a mixed practice with swine emphasis.  Dr. Coltrain was an early leader in preventive swine health management.  His untimely death in 1978 led to Dr. Rodibaugh making a difficult decision to leave that practice due to his desire to specialize in swine.  

In January 1980, Swine Health Services was opened as one of the first swine-exclusive practices in the United States.  Dr. Jim Kober joined the practice in 1989 and later left to open the first swine-exclusive practice in Michigan. Dr. Jeff Harker joined the practice in1994 after graduation from Purdue University, and became a partner in 2001. Dr. Daren Miller was an associate for Swine Health Services from 2012-2015.  In addition to Indiana, the practice serves clients in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and California.  Dr. Rodibaugh has consulted in Mexico, Peru, and Barbados, and lectured in Germany over his practice tenure.  

In January of 2016 Swine Health Services entered into an agreement with AMVC to purchase the business, and it is now named AMVC Swine Health Services.  This will provide sustainable swine veterinary service to our pork producer clients. We are  excited about the future as a result of this change and the synergies that this will bring to the practice and our customers.

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