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The projects of AMVC Cares are to improve quality of life for the community and visitors. This is obtained through the acquisition and enhancements of properties that negatively affect the aesthetics of the community and thus impact the enjoyment of the community members and visitors.

In 2008, AMVC Cares took possession of its first project. A salvage yard was purchased in Hamlin, IA at the intersection of Highways 71 and 44 in the center of Audubon County. After debris removal and dirt work completion, a design was then created by the ISU students College of Design PLACE Project. Trees have been planted, grass seeded, pathways have been formed and the shelter house has been completed. The organization has named the project the Randi Jo Munch Memorial Park in honor of Randi who lost her life unexpectedly and all those like Randi that we miss in our lives and hope to remember.

Another project AMVC Cares completed was the cleanup of an old swine farrowing / finishing facility located in northeast Audubon County that was no longer in use.  The site was restored, as the buildings and concrete were removed and the lagoon was closed. The site was returned to useable farm ground and the land was sold to the neighboring landlord.

In 2021, the non-profit, purchased an old gas station on Hwy 71 in Audubon. It will be will torn down to allow for future development opportunities along the highway. 

AMVC Cares purchases property to beautify Hwy 71

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