Swine Production Internship Program

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Swine Time 

Swine Time students will mirror the schedule of our full time swine specialists. The duties require significant involvement in production. This is a 10 week work experience. 

The experience will include: 

  • Daily care 
  • Weaning piglets and moving sows on wean days 
  • Sanitation 
  • Breeding sows by artificial insemination 
  • Determining pig health 
  • Monitoring sows during farrowing 
  • Processing piglets within days of being born 
  • Heat checking sows in breeding and gestation barn 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Flow of the farm 
  • Following biosecurity practices and protocols as enforced by AMVC Management Services. 

Advanced Swine Internship 

AMVC will expose interns to as many aspects of swine production and management as possible throughout the 11 week, structured, project based program. 

Hands on experience in different areas of production: 

  • Breed to wean sow farm 
  • Grow/Finish 

At the beginning of the summer internship program, interns will complete orientation and PQA training at their assigned farm. All interns will visit the management office in Audubon, Iowa to complete TQA training, attend tours and presentations, and participate in community service projects. 

Additional Intern Opportunities 
Attend World Pork Expo 
Complete student lead project 
Tour AMVC and other industry facilities 

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