Our Community

AMVC supports community involvement and strives to ensure that our employees and farms are productive members of each local community. With activities in eight states, AMVC enjoys the diversity of landscapes and rural communities rooted in the traditions of agriculture.

AMVC Cares

AMVC Cares is a nonprofit organization set up by AMVC for the charitable purpose of community development. The mission of AMVC Cares is to acquire and enhance properties that negatively affect the aesthetics of the Audubon area to positively impact the enjoyment of the community members and visitors.

Community Support

AMVC provides community support through a variety of projects such as the Annual Food Drvie, Delapidated House Removal/Restoration Housing Project, Audubon County Fair, Audubon Recreation Center, Audubon County Economic Development (ACED) New Housing Project, Audubon Cattlemen's Association, Audubon County Pork Producers, and many other local and regional projects .

Community Events

AMVC is very proud of its many members that provide their time and talent to local, regional, and national charities, boards and associations. Most of this time is voluntary and reflects the desire of our members to be involved and to make a difference. It is simply good people doing good things.

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