Recent IPLA graduates vow to support industry

IPLA graduates

posted on Thursday, March 22, 2018 in Central Region News

Alicia Humphrey of Audubon says she loves the swine industry and after graduating from Iowa Pork Producers Association's 2017 Iowa Pork Leadership Academy, she's ready to be a better leader.

Humphrey and eleven other young swine enthusiasts including fellow AMVC employee, Dan Weber, were recognized at the IPPA Annual Meeting luncheon in Des Moines on Jan. 23 for completing the year-long program. The purpose of the five year old academy is to develop active local leaders and provide them with the tools to contribute to the long-term viability of Iowa's pork industry.

The IPLA helped Humphrey and Weber learn more about their strengths and were thankful for the opportunity to participate.

"I think we all got a lot out of it and each session was very important," Humphrey said. I enjoyed [the program] and if it was expanded to a two-year class, it could provide greater opportunities to learn more and tackle bigger projects.

Humphrey said she learned of the IPLA from college classmates who were in the program and was intrigued by the opportunity to participate and become a better leader within the pork industry, which had been a goal.

The IPLA participants met four times during the year. Each session gave them a new experience, from learning more about IPPA and its available resources as well as association public policy work, to visiting with state and federal lawmakers and engaging with consumers at the annual barbecue battle in Washington, D.C. The group also visited California to learn about its' agricultural programs.

"The most memorable part of the program was getting the opportunity to talk to lawmakers. It was pretty neat to be in a room with my peers and have conversations on issues that mattered most," said Weber, AMVC production manager. 

Humphrey says her hope is to take what she learned in the IPLA to make Audubon County more active and hold events and promotions to educate people about the pork industry because there's a lot of good farms in the county. 

"I want to support Iowa Pork and be more involved in the community," said Humphrey, who's a current IPPA Promotions Committee member.

The 2018 academy class held its first meeting in February at Iowa Pork. 

Story credit: Iowa Pork Producers, March 2018. For full article, see here


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