Swine Specialist- Mentone, IN

Date Posted: 3/1/2023
Type of Employment: Full-Time

Job Description:

Job includes caring for sows, piglets and boars, achieving production goals and completion of daily tasks on a breed-to-wean sow farm.

Communication, teamwork and task coordination are required to ensure maximum productivity. Candidates must work well in both team and individual work settings. Ability to manage multiple tasks at once and adapt to new situations with relative ease is essential.

Daily tasks may include:

Feed and water animals. Clean and disinfect pens and stalls.

Observe animals in heat to detect approach of estrus.

Monitor sows and provides aid during birthing process.

Wear proper personal protective equipment when moving animals.

Artificially inseminate sows.

Ensure piglets are cared for.

Desire candidates who are looking to help feed the world and make a career in swine production.

How to Apply:

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