North Dakota sow farms donate hams to snow removal crews

Posted 5/24/2017 in North Region News

After a hard winter in North Dakota with multiple large snow events, AMVC employees at Turtle Mountain Pork and Viking Sow wanted to thank the individuals that helped keep the roads cleared.

The pig farms rely heavily on road accessibility and safe transportation for employees and animals.

“Transportation is very important to our farm. Every day we need to be able to get to the farm because we are taking care of live animals that depend on us for feed and water. If we can’t make it to the farm, neither can the feed truck, which fills our feed bins,” said Kelsey Kersten, AMVC employee at Turtle Mountain Pork.

On a regular basis, livestock trucks are entering and exiting the farm, as weaned piglets are transported to a finishing farm, while other trucks are bringing new replacement animals to the farm. In addition, delivery trucks drop off various items like semen, supplies and feed.

As pig farmers, it was only fitting that AMVC, Turtle Mountain Pork and Viking Sow donated two hams to show appreciation to the respective county shops.

 “It’s important to us to recognize these workers and show our appreciation for their hard work,” added Kersten.

It is uncommon for the snow removal crews to be thanked. The Cavalier County and Bottineau County teams were very thankful for the employees' kind gesture.


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